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About Us

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In 2005, the inception of 'Moving You Now Kendall' can be traced back to a fortuitous encounter between John Davidson and Sarah Walker at a Kendall community event. John, hailing from a family with a long-standing legacy in the moving industry, brought a wealth of expertise to the table. Meanwhile, Sarah's family was well-known in Kendall for providing reliable local services. Their unexpected meeting ignited the creation of 'Moving You Now Kendall,' a family-owned business deeply rooted in the Kendall community.

Beyond mere movers, the company evolved into a dependable moving partner for Kendall residents, dedicated to ensuring seamless local and South Florida moves. 'Moving You Now Kendall' distinguishes itself through its transparent pricing, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With deep ties in the Kendall community, the company actively engages in supporting local initiatives and sponsorships. Choosing 'Moving You Now Kendall' for your move transcends a mere transaction; it becomes a journey guided by trust, commitment, and the rich legacy of a family deeply connected to the community.

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Trusted Moving Solutions: Our Commitment to Your Peace of Mind

Choosing the right moving company is a decision that rests on trust, reliability, and a commitment to your peace of mind. At ‘Moving You Now Kendall,’ we’ve built our reputation on these essential trust factors:

  1. Local Expertise:


Our deep roots in the Kendall community make us more than just a moving company. We understand the unique challenges and intricacies of local moves. With ‘Moving You Now Kendall,’ you’re choosing a team with an intimate knowledge of the Kendall area, ensuring your move is efficient and well-informed.


  1. Transparent Pricing:


We believe in transparency, which is why our pricing is clear, honest, and free from hidden costs. When you choose ‘Moving You Now Kendall,’ you can trust that the estimate we provide is accurate, helping you plan your move without financial surprises.


  1. Professionalism:


Our team of experienced movers is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of professionalism. We handle your belongings with care and precision, ensuring they arrive at your new location safely. We’re not just moving your items; we’re moving them with professionalism.


  1. Customer Satisfaction:


Your satisfaction is our top priority. From your initial consultation to the post-move inspection, we’re committed to ensuring you have a stress-free and enjoyable moving experience. Our strong track record of satisfied customers speaks to our dedication to making your move a success.


  1. Community Commitment:


We actively engage in local initiatives, sponsorships, and charity work in the Kendall community. When you choose ‘Moving You Now Kendall,’ you’re choosing a moving company that cares about the community it serves. Your move supports local efforts and shows our commitment to giving back.


Trust is the cornerstone of every successful move, and ‘Moving You Now Kendall’ embodies these trust factors at its core. When you move with us, you’re not just choosing a moving company; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your trust and satisfaction, a partner who knows the Kendall community and is committed to making your move effortless.

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